DigiCrime Computational Services

Are you tired of paying high prices for computational services?
Do you have short term computational needs?
Are you thinking of buying a supercomputer?
Why pay full price when you can buy stolen services from us for half price?
Note: Prices for Windows NT services have been reduced due to low demand.

This is how our service works:

Coming soon: more JAVA services! new
Please enter the ftp url where your source code can be located:

Please enter the ftp url where results should be placed:

Please select the type of language for your code:
   C      Fortran      C++

Please select the type of services required.  Prices per CPU hour are 
in parentheses.
  Any type of machine (.02)   SunOS (.04)    Cray UNICOS (.01)   
  Generic UNIX (.02)          AIX (.04)      Linux (.90)   
  Windows NT (.01)            Solaris (.00)  SUNMOS (.09)


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