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DigiCrime Internet Eavesdropping Service

Are you gathering email addresses?
Would you like to read your competitor's email traffic?
Are you trying to hijack telnet sessions?
Then you should try our Internet eavesdropping service!
Here's how our service works3. You enter a pair of IP addresses of machines for which you want to read all traffic, choose the type of traffic you want, indicate a method of payment, and sit back and wait to read your traffic. Due to space considerations, the billing is done by volume. You are therefore advised to limit your searches to specific information that you are seeking.

If you are curious about our service, see our samples page.

NOTE: our methods are somewhat more sophisticated than what are described here.

First IP address:  (enter as x.y.z.w): (See note 1 below)
Second IP address: (enter as x.y.z.w): (See note 1 below)

Form of payment: Bill me    Credit card See note 2 below




  1. Instead of IP addresses, you may enter a DNS name like "mailhub.fbi.gov" instead. We will then attempt to discover all network addresses for this name and trap all traffic.
  2. Our service is currently free.
  3. You may wonder how the service could possibly work. In fact, we don't break into machines, but we use the Internet backbone routing protocols to cause traffic to be routed through our special routers, where we record the traffic and send it on it's way. This is completely transparent to most sites.
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DigiCrime is comically hosted at Southwest Cyberport, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.