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Our crack team of legal advisors has discovered a loophole in the ITAR export restrictions on cryptographic devices from the US. Specifically, it now appears that cryptographic software may be flown across the Mexican border using model rockets without regard to ITAR restrictions!

Here's why. Section 120.17 of the ITAR reads as follows:

@ 120.17 -- Export.

Export means:
(1) Sending or taking a defense article out of the United States in any manner, except by mere travel outside of the United States by a person whose personal knowledge includes technical data; or
[...continuing later...]
(6) A launch vehicle or payload shall not, by reason of the launching of such vehicle, be considered an export for purposes of this subchapter...
That should make the Software Publisher's Association happy. Now if only the US Postal Service could revive their missle mail program again...

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