Cryptographic key search service

Are you trying to eavesdrop on exportable Clipper products?
Has your key escrow service gone out of business?
Are they just too expensive or too slow?
Then you can use our cryptographic key search service!
Some cryptographic algorithms are amenable to compromise by a brute force approach consisting of exhaustive key search. The turn-around time for this service depends on the load, but we expect performance for DES that is roughly comparable to that discussed in Michael Wiener's paper. You simply need to supply plaintext and ciphertext from a known algorithm, and we will return the unknown key to you. Prices for Skipjack have been reduced due to a recent contract we have established with a government.

Choose an encryption method:DES  40-bit RC4  Skipjack  All
Please enter the plaintext (up to 80 characters): 
Please enter the ciphertext (up to 80 characters):

Answers will be posted here.

ps. Thank you for loading the java applet on this page and performing some of this work for us.

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