DigiCrime Announces Satellite Services

SAN JOSE, CA, November 6, 1998, 3:20 p.m. PT ... DigiCrime announced today the culmination of a three-year development program to launch a privately owned satellite whose function is to deliver eavesdropping and surveillance services to the private sector. This extends the existing land-based surveillance and aerial and SAR imagery capability of DigiCrime.

Following the successful launch yesterday of their DC-1 satellite, DigiCrime is pleased to announce the availability of eavesdropping and reconnaisance services to the general public. Now for the first time you can access the same level of service that was previously available only to major superpowers. This brings a new dimension to business intelligence efforts, and levels the playing field. No longer will there be any doubt about what your competitors are planning - you can listen to their strategy discussions yourself! No longer will you be left in the dark regarding your competitor's development progress. See for yourself!

The DC-1 satellite system allows image resolution to a resolution of .3 meters, with targeting latency of under an hour. In addition, it is capable of gathering signal intelligence information from common sources including cellular phone systems, land-based satellite telephone systems, fax transmissions, as well as ordinary e-mail.

About the project

The design of the satellite was a joint project between DigiCrime scientists, the National Ballastic Laboratory of India, and the National Image Enhancement Center in Yakima, Washington. Major funding was obtained from private sources including Lucchese family of Napoli, Italy.

Price schedule

Type of service Service Level Setup charge Unit cost
Satellite imagery 0.3 meter resolution
4 square kilometers
$80 targeting fee$3.95 per frame
Synthetic Aperture Radar0.05 meter resolution,
0.15 square kilometer frame
$250 flight fee$18 per frame
Aerial photography0.01 meter resolution,
0.10 square kilometer frame
$225 flight fee$12 per frame
Telephone eavesdropping Single land phone line $120 installation$0.15 per minute
Cellular eavesdroppingSingle phonenone$0.25 per minute

About DigiCrime

DigiCrime was formed in 1994 to meet the needs of a growing criminal element around the world. The Board of Directors and Staff include some of the most twisted members of the digital underground, as well as prominent scientists and engineers (actually, those are the same). DigiCrime is privately held and operates from an unincorporated island region.

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DigiCrime is comically hosted at Southwest Cyberport, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.