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  • Are you learning how to protect your information assets?
  • Are you a newbie learning to become a hacker?
  • Are you starting a criminal business on the side?
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We specialize in books of interest to hackers, phreakers, and other gearheads. Here are some recent additions to our list of titles:
  • Email bombing for fun and profit, by Theodore Kozluzki. 121 pages, $29.95.
  • IP Spoofing for Dummies, by John Avery. 228 pages, $29.95.
  • How to Spam the Crap Out of the Net, by Jeff Slaton. 6 pages, $599.99.
  • Designer worms for the Internet Fisherman, by Robert Morris, Jr., 733 pages, $89.95.
  • Teach Yourself Internet Security in 21 Minutes, by F. Wall, Sr. This is the book used by most desktop software vendors in the design of their products!
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