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To place an order, pick up any phone, call your mother, and mention DigiCrime. We'll have a catalog out to you within two business days. Or, you can now call 900-do-crime and place an order with our attentive sales representatives.

We are pleased to offer the following products to our customers.

Escrowed fax document shredding machine

Imagine now that you can shred documents at the same time that you save a copy with
our escrow service. Featuring several convenient features: Now also available in a 250hp gas-powered version suitable for shredding entire laptop computers. Not recommended for home use.
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    Affinity credit card program

    Don't just earn a small rebate on your purchases! Our credit card affinity program offers the following desirable features: Note: this card is unrelated to the card that was
    recently advertised by spam.

    Server Pushy® Technology

    Now we can help you push data into the machines of visitors to your web site. It currently only works with Netscape Communicator 4.0b1.

    Javashaft - our new Netscape plug-in

    Coming soon!

    DigiCrime is comically hosted at Southwest Cyberport, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.